Fear is an Invitation and a Bridge

January 25, 2024

I’m Sonja.
Leadership Specialist and Creator of The Expansion Practice. Also a travel enthusiast, dog lover, fanatic for all the books (on all the subjects), and an advocate for intuition.

I hope January is being good to you.

It’s great to be back in session with clients, so many of whom have BIG plans for 2024! And with these big, beautiful, leaps out of our comfort zones…

…comes the inevitable fear 😬

When we’re in a state of expansion or growth, it’s common to feel a measure of contraction along the path. Your nervous system is doing its job of letting you know you’re in uncharted territory… and that’s exactly where you want to be. Congratulations, my friend. You’re leveling up!

Most of us prefer to avoid our fear, unless you’re like me and appreciate a good adrenaline rush now and again. That used to be activities like jumping out of a plane but I’m more in my enjoying a good thriller or scary movie era.

Our entire system is set up to protect us from threats, real or imagined. It can take some effort to buck that physiological trend. The best way to start is to get curious about our fear and how it shows up for us (hello to all my fellow perfectionists out there 🙋🏻‍♀️).

When we do, something fascinating happens. We begin to recognize that our fear is both an invitation and a bridge to a deeper understanding of ourselves, what holds us back, and why.

Our fear’s primary job is to protect us.

When we get curious about what it’s protecting us from, we have the power to release the hold it has on us.

When I look back on my journey, fear was present at every stage. I wrote about this in the book, Conscious Revolution, as it pertained to my career. Every time I took a risk, every time I made a conscious choice to step outside my comfort zone, and every time I didn’t, I was being given an opportunity to uncover what was deeper than my fear.

Each time it invited me to notice where I was out of alignment, where there was an old limiting belief to clear, or where I had been avoiding myself or outright abandoning her.

As we meet and clear fear from our system, we cross the bridge to a higher level of consciousness. Our self-awareness and intuition grow stronger. Our understanding of ourselves and our needs grows as well. Our internal resources and ability to respond to our lives are expanded because we have removed an outdated belief or subconscious fear that was previously keeping us in place.

✨ Trust in ourselves grows exponentially every time we get curious and have the courage to meet our fear. ✨

If you’re also working on progress over perfection this year, you’re going to be invited to meet your fear on a regular basis. It’s a lot less intimidating to do so when we see fear as an invitation and the bridge to move beyond it.

Can you get curious about what your fear may be inviting you to discover about yourself?

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