Transforming the Way We Lead

Our next level of leadership is not going to be found in a stronger mindset alone. It's unsustainable, not unlike the current paradigm we find ourselves working in. We’re being called to open to more expansive ways of knowing. To get out of our overthinking minds so we can hear and act on our innate wisdom.


HERE'S WHY we CAN HELP with that

Our Story

The Expansion Practice was created to support leaders who find themselves at a crossroads. Leaders who are done with hustle culture and intuitively know there is a better way forward to live and lead. Those who are ready to expand their resources beyond the prevailing (and impossible to attain) paradigm of leadership, and develop a deeper relationship with their innate wisdom. Those ready to unlock their Leadership Alchemy, and activate the full expression of their unique leadership potential in a healthy and sustainable way.

We work with mission-driven leaders and organizations that recognize their purpose is far greater than their fear of expansion. Those who have reached a plateau or burnout, feeling they've hit the limit of what is possible with their current capacity. Those ready to expand beyond the subconscious fears and limiting beliefs that hold them back so they can embody their next level of leadership...

And transform the way we lead. 

what we can do for you:

1:1 Private Coaching

Private mentorship designed to meet you where you're at and bring you into a deeper relationship with your innate wisdom. 

Leadership Labs

Part training, part experiential, our Labs give you an experience of more expansive ways of knowing and how they impact your leadership.

Signature Training

Our 9-week, signature training program, Leadership Alchemy, runs twice a year. We also offer custom-designed training for mission-driven organizations and keynote speaking engagements. 


1:1 Private Coaching

Designed to meet you where you're at.

Private sessions may focus on embodying your next level of leadership, breaking through what’s been holding you back, or delving into how to develop a relationship with your intuitive intelligence®. They may touch on all of the above. We’re here to help you bring forward, and stand confidently in, the full expression of who you are.

75 minute sessions

6-month pathway

meet deeper layers of yourself and bring them into your leadership

Leadership Labs

Learn at your pace, on your time.

Part training, part experiential, our Labs give you an experience of more expansive ways of knowing so you can activate them in your leadership. You do not need to be in a formal leadership role to get the most out of these offerings. If the topic resonates with you, just bring your curiosity and an open mind.

60-minute live trainings

Free replays always available

bring more of you to your leadership

Signature Training

Custom-tailored to meet your needs.

Our immersive, 9-week, training program, Leadership Alchemy, is a game-changer, supporting you to unlock and activate the full expression of your leadership potential in real-time. 
We also offer custom-designed training for mission-driven organizations and deliver keynote speaking engagements. Contact us to learn more.  

Immersive training experience

includes 1:1 support

Access to a private community of like-hearted leaders

Want to learn more? 

Book a Discovery Call

Before you invest in working with us, we want to be sure there’s a match between what support you’re looking for and what we’re best at offering. That allows us to custom-design a pathway just for you.

Book your complimentary discovery call to learn more, asking any and all questions you may have about how we can work together. There is no obligation with this call. Think of it as your opportunity to interview us as much as it is our opportunity to learn how we can be of service to you.


Kind Words

Sonja is a grounding and articulate force and held a gentle but affirming space for me to see a new layer of myself, through reconnecting to my existing but forgotten layers, with a fresh perspective. I have been showing up for myself and those that I serve with more self-trust, optimism and purpose ever since.

— helen 

My session with Sonja was a container of immense potency, power, and expansion. Sonja is a true space holder & sacred container for deep unearthing, unwavering faith, trust & transformation. 

— alex

Sonja is such a bright light and wise soul. I felt guided, supported, and challenged all in equal measure. I am so grateful for her grace, wise counsel and leadership expertise.

— alison


It’s never too late
to rewrite your
your career  
or reignite your

let's work together

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