I'm Sonja, and I'm on a mission to transform the way we lead. 

Welcome to The Expansion Practice. We work with mission-driven leaders and organizations ready to expand beyond the limits of the prevailing leadership paradigm, free from hustle culture, and the inevitable path to burnout. There is a better way forward. We're working with leaders who are ready to ignite that movement and embody a new way to lead. 

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The Expansion Practice

Ready to embody your next level of leadership?

Our next level of leadership is not found in a stronger mindset alone. It’s also not found in the prevailing push-through-at-all-costs paradigm. We’re being called to move beyond the level of the mind and open into more expansive ways of knowing. There is no sustainable next level if we are cut off from ourselves, our bodies, and our innate wisdom. There's no alchemy either. Are you ready to find out what the full expression of your leadership potential is?

here's what we do:

Leadership Alchemy:
The Program 


Our immersive, 9-week training program is a game-changer, supporting you to unlock and activate the full expression of your leadership potential in real-time. 

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Leadership Labs


Part training, part experiential, our Labs give you an experience of more expansive ways of knowing and how they impact your leadership.

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Leadership Coaching


Private, 1:1 mentorship is designed to meet you where you're at and bring you into a deeper relationship with your innate wisdom. 

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“I can't thank Sonja enough. The power of her sessions are AMAZING! I felt such a positive shift in myself and it has flowed into all aspects of my life.” 


Too many leaders are still playing small. Feeling disconnected from themselves and any enthusiasm they once had for making a meaningful impact through their leadership. They’re worn out and worn down, not sure what the next step is for them, too exhausted to consider taking it if they did.

So many of us experience this dynamic tension between feeling called to level up and worrying about what achieving it will mean, especially when we're already spread so thin.

There is a better way forward. And there is nothing (besides my dog, perhaps) that I am more passionate about or committed to helping others move through. Because the world needs what you are being called to develop, create, and offer.

About us

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A Revolution Has Begun

I am honored to be a featured author in this unique collaboration. Conscious Revolution is both a topical and story-based anthology holding unique voices connected by the same thread: the ability to grow and evolve. Science and spirituality entwine to create a potent mix of stories about how we respond to life. 
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Top resources to transform the way we lead


Everything you need to support you to move out of your busy mind and get back into your body is just a click away on Insight Timer. 

Leadership Labs

Part training, part experiential, our Labs give you an experience of more expansive ways of knowing and how they impact your leadership.

Thought Leadership

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To help you lead from a more expansive, soulful place, creating the service that you are being called to bring forth... and that is needed in the world today.

We're devoted to creating the conditions that unite this community of like-hearted, intuitively intelligent leaders to transform the prevailing leadership paradigm and better serve humanity. 

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Join our community of mission-driven, embodied leaders who are expanding beyond their subconscious fears and limiting beliefs. Those who are ready to expand their impact in a healthy and sustainable way and transform the way we lead. By signing up and joining the community, you’ll be first to learn about what we’re creating to support you on that path, along with special offerings only you can access. 


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