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Part training, part experiential, our Leadership Labs give you an experience of more expansive ways of knowing so you can activate them in your life and leadership.
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You do not need to be in a formal leadership role to get the most out of these offerings. If the topic resonates with you, just bring your curiosity and an open mind.

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I appreciate the impact of the work we did! I have experienced a shift in my energy away from one that was more fear-based, and toward one that is much more confident and creative.

— debra

Sonja is like a wise oracle who compassionately yet firmly gets to the root of my fears and helps me release them in my own time. Her voice alone soothes my nervous system to start to release, and my soul feels safe and supported to see things from a new perspective. 

— nila

Leaders can heal, and healers can lead. These people though are rare and yet they are sorely needed today. Sonja is that.

— eva

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