Progress Over Perfection

January 17, 2024

I’m Sonja.
Leadership Specialist and Creator of The Expansion Practice. Also a travel enthusiast, dog lover, fanatic for all the books (on all the subjects), and an advocate for intuition.

Happy New Year!

I had a little extra time off over the holidays. thanks to covid, but I’m grateful for the slower start to this new year. It’s given me more time to reflect and listen to what my body and soul have been needing. As it turns out, that’s watching a lot of Harry Potter while lying in bed and reading some fun fiction. It’s been a treat to take a break from the non-fiction, professional development reading I do so much of and just read for pleasure’s sake (highly recommend).

Quick sidebar: Has anyone else started The Fourth Wing trilogy?! It reads like page-turning YA fantasy fiction, until about ¾ of the way through book one. That’s when you realize why it’s not a YA read 🔥. Yeah, so, it’s been a playful, slow start to the year.

Speaking of 2024, I’m bringing one of the themes from the past year – one that served me so well – into the new year:

Progress Over Perfection

Imagine what this year could look like if you focused on the progress you could make if you let go of the need for it to be perfect first.

Instead of waiting for everything to be ‘just right’, ready, and polished, what if you took the first step toward your desire?

What if you prioritized taking action, regardless of how small, over continuing to ruminate about it?

Taking that chance will give you invaluable information toward achieving your overall goal. And it may just turn out better than you could have anticipated.

If I learned anything in 2023, it was that each step I took toward my specific goals created more momentum, more creativity, and more inspiration. All of which flow when we are taking action, regardless of our pace. Progress becomes inevitable and we get that much closer to achieving what we set out to (and sometimes more). None of which occurs when we are too busy worrying and overthinking it all. Our rigidity cuts us off from our flow.

Could this be the year you start making progress toward the dream you’ve been holding onto? 

What might happen if you just start… creating, writing, moving, making, doing…whatever it may be…and trust that your inspiration (and your intuition) will meet you there?

It’s not about having all the answers (that’s the perfection talking). It’s about starting and allowing it to be not quite right or perfectly imperfect, letting it naturally evolve as you continue to move forward. When we shift our focus away from attempting to have it all figured out first, and towards creating progress, that’s when we move the dial. Significantly.

Make it playful and give it a try. See what unfolds for you.

✨ Is this the year you’ll allow your voice to be heard? Your unique creation to be brought into the world? Your leadership to rise to the occasion? ✨

I certainly hope so. Because we need you, and all you are being called forth to bring into being.

➡️ Hit reply and let me know what you’re willing to take perfectly imperfect action towards this year. Are you ready to focus on progress over perfection? I’d love to hear from you. 

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